Stuart McElrath Company
since 1994

The Stuart McElrath Company can provide Studies, Engineering and  Project Management.
The Stuart McElrath Company provides consulting services which is logically divided into the following groups; Studies, Engineering and Project. Based on 35+ years of experience SMC can provide the following:
  Casting Design
  - convert existing parts, or concepts, into a casting for lower costs & high strength.
  Detail Engineering
  - project specifications, assembly & detailed engineering drawings, parts lists, etc.
  Project Engineering
  - layout drawings, project costs, gantt charts, specifications.
  Project Documentation
  - project documentation; spare parts, equipment, operation & training manuals.
  Project Management
  - act as customers representative in the supervision of all construction.
  Start-Up Assistance
  - provide start-up assistance once the equipment has been installed.
  Conceptual Design Studies
  - for projects such as cost reduction, modernization and process changes.
  Foundry Cost Studies
  - for determining actual costs based on present operations.
  Feasibility Studies
  - a combination of a Conceptual & Cost Study with payback on a proposed project.